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Effective magic hunting attractant for beast, 3 kg.

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The Magic Attractant for Deer and Elk is the ultimate hunting lure that is sure to elevate your hunting game! Made with carefully selected high-quality ingredients, our attractant is specially designed to attract boar, deer, roe deer, and other wildlife to your desired location.

Our attractants are known for their intense scent, which can lure game animals from a great distance. We have filmed over 100 videos of wild animals to verify the 100% effectiveness of our products, and our hunting camera recordings and animal behavior studies confirm the effectiveness of our attractants in.

Using our hunting lures is easy - simply pour them into your feeder or mix with other feed. Our game feed is carefully balanced to ensure optimal nutrition of game animals and contains analytical components such as crude ash, crude protein, crude fiber, crude fat, calcium (Ca), phosphorus (P), magnesium (Mg), sodium (Na) , and potassium (K).

Our hunting attractants are manufactured in Lithuania and have all the necessary European Union permits to be manufactured and supplied to other European countries. We are committed to developing our wildlife lures based on practice in the wild, ensuring that our products are effective and reliable every time you use them. Whether you are an experienced hunter or just starting out, our Magic Attractant for Deer and Elk will help you attract game animals. Try it now and experience the magic yourself!
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The smell
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3 kg.
sweet and salty