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Closer to Nature HERRING, 250 ml.




Yes, all animals need salt. Animals need to have salt to keep their cells intact. Carnivores get some or all of their salt from their diet, i.e. other animals. Herbivores may need to seek it out, and "salt licks", places where salt is concentrated, are gathering places for many herbivores.

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Atsiskaitymo būdai.
Atsiskaitymo būdai.

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- Extremely intense smell of HERRING, which attracts from far away.

-Contains only natural ingredients: sea salt, water, natural flavor.

-Sea salt is rich in minerals.

- Manufactured using the technology studied.

- The attractant is a balanced taste and smell of herring.

- Designed to entice hogs, foxes, racoon dogs.

- 100% natural, no chemical additives.

- the product does not contain any synthetics.

- Handmade.

- For a long time. Exclusive product.

- Use: Spray on the Feed. Recommended for 1 kg. Feed at least 1 Click.


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