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Salty KORN'as, more than 3 kg.



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Atsiskaitymo būdai.
Atsiskaitymo būdai.

- Block of <3 kg. salty corns.

- Long Lasting.

- Remains effective in bad weather conditions.

- Composition: corns, cereal sugar, sea salt.

- We produce this product only from carefully selected high quality corns.

- Corns have useful properties: vitamins, minerals, fats, amino acids.

- Glucose is the Most Important Carbohydrate in the Body. Acts as the Energy Source. Glucose is Very Important for the Biological Processes of Wild Animals Body.

- Sea salt is rich in minerals.

- Manufactured using the technology studied.

- The attractant is a balanced taste and smell of salty corns.

- Designed to entice hogs, deers, mooses, roe-deers, mufflons.

- 100% natural, no chemical additives.

- the product does not contain any synthetics.

- Handmade.

- Bottom diameter 160 mm.

- Usage: affix on the Stump or Tree Trunk in the Attracting Place.

- MAX energy source!

It is nutritional supplement which supplies game with necessary minerals,

especially in winter and when there is a high salt demand. It is a salt

with minerals, vitamins combined with corn. The salty is balanced. So

wildness can eat right now. Often the usual salt pasta is too salty for

them, so wildness are waiting for a melting and lick it right from the

ground. Wildness needs minerals all the year round.

Salt is made up of sodium and chloride, but it's also an ideal carrier for

a variety of essential trace minerals like calcium, magnesium, phosphorus

and selenium.




Yes, all animals need salt. Animals need to have salt to keep their cells

intact. Carnivores get some or all of their salt from their diet, i.e.

other animals. Herbivores may need to seek it out, and "salt licks",

places where salt is concentrated, are gathering places for many A MINERAL

LICK (also known as a salt lick) is a place where animals can go to lick

essential mineral nutrients from a deposit of salts and other minerals.

Licks provide essential elements such as phosphorus and the biometals

(sodium, calcium, iron, zinc, and trace elements) required in the

springtime for bone, muscle and other growth in deer and other wildlife.

Weight: no Less than 3 kg., Ø 160 mm, Height 120 mm.


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