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Sweet Apple LICK, more than 1.8 kg.



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Atsiskaitymo būdai.
Atsiskaitymo būdai.

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- Tablet of <1.8 kg. Sweet Apple LICK.

- Long Lasting.

- Composition: dried apple pomace, cereal sugar, ground wheat, sugar.

- Dried apple pomace have useful properties: vitamins, minerals, fats,

amino acids.

- Cereal Sugar is the Most Important Carbohydrate in the Body. Acts as the Energy Source. Cereal Sugar is Very Important for the Biological Processes of Animals Body.

- Manufactured using the technology studied.

- The LICK is a balanced taste and smell of sweet Apple.

- Designed for cattle.

- 100% natural, no chemical additives.

- the product does not contain any synthetics.

- Handmade.

- Bottom diameter 160 mm.

- Usage: hang in an accessible place for the animal.


What are the benefits of dried apple pomace?


Dried apple pomace is a byproduct from the production of cider, juices and

vinegars. It is made up of the peel, pips, pulp and unwanted fruit. It is

a highly desirable food that is very palatable due to its sugar content.

No additives and 100% natural. It can be used to feed all types of

animals, particularly ruminants. Its fibre content is rich in pectins,

which makes it a highly digestible source of fibre. In addition, the

pectins themselves can act as bowel transit regulators.


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