JSC "Prospektus" company owner Alvydas Strigūnas

How it all started

Alvydas Strigunas, the Owner of Company Prospektus:

In Lithuania, where I live, it is forbidden to use night-vision optics for hunting

wild animals, and professionally hunting down an animal using a simple flashlight

is practically impossible. The hunter turns on the flashlight before the shot so he

can see where to shoot. That is a sudden flash of light. The fear instinct is

triggered in the animal by such sudden flashes of light from the flashlight. The

animal instinctively tries to run and hide because such sudden flashes of light do

not occur in nature. Most shots are made when the animal is running, and

therefore it is hard to shoot it down from the first try. In my opinion not shooting

the animal from the first try, only wounding it, is very unprofessional the animal

is suffering.

While sitting in my hunting hut during hunts, I started to think that something

must be created to illuminate animals without scaring them. This would help

choose and observe the animal you want to hunt. Flashlights used in hunting

nowadays are used more as means of simply producing light; they scare animals

more than they help the hunter. In my opinion, flashlights like that are only

suitable for searching for a wounded animal or getting out of the hunting hut.

I had the idea to create lighting similar to moonlight. After painstaking tests and

with the help of scientists, the professional AS-1 hunting flashlight with remote

control was created. “AS” are my initials and the “1” means the first flashlight

created. The AS-1 flashlight was designed with the help of scientific research (one

of the tests performed was the reaction of boars to flashes of light). The boar's

pupils are dilated in the dark and they contract when exposed to light. The

change must happen gradually within at least 2 minutes in order to not cause

shock for the animal. Light intensity should be increased over such a period using

the AS-1 flashlight.

The central beam of the AS-1 flashlight is blocked by a plate mounted on a rack. A

cone-shaped shadow is formed downwards from the plate to the ground. The

shadow covers the entire feeder and some surrounding area. The animal stand in

the shadow and ring of light is formed around that shadow. The hunter is able to

see the board from the side. Visibility is provided by the ring of light surrounding

the shadow. Therefore a “moon effect”, which does not scare the animal, is


During testing of the AS-1 flashlight, specifically how animals react to gradual

increase or decrease of light, it was necessary to attract as much animals as

possible to the spot. I started using various lures on the market for attracting the

animals. What did I notice? Most of those attractors scare animals away, not

attract them. I realized that such lures are just advertisement, and the lures

available on the market are created more for hunters, not the animals. I noticed

in practice that hunters choose lures by the smell they like most. Then I had the

idea to create lures, which could actually attract the wild animals and keep them

in the spot for longer. Countless tests have also been performed in this area. We

have filmed more than 1000 videos in natural environment. We've set up live

broadcasts straight from the forest so that our perspective clients could see how

our products actually work, so that hunters from around the world could see how

wild animals react to a certain smell, taste and various concentrations of the

product. Consequently, my company JSC “Prospektus” currently offers

exclusive products, produced by no one else on the market. We work on

development of new products all the time, because there is really much to be

done in this area.

A person can be easily fooled with a synthetic smell, but you can't fool an animal.

It's very wrong to draw conclusions from only partial information. Hunters must

know that a wild animal needs a balance of smell and taste. Hunters’ “opinions”

about the effectiveness of certain products are only their thoughts, which are

mostly incorrect. JSC “Prospektus” is replacing such long-established “opinions”

with facts and evidence.


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